Friday, October 08, 2010

New Zealand Defeat

It was a little bit disappointing to lose 4-1 to New Zealand, especially after such an amazing opener from England.

I understand there may be some sickness in the England camp, so that could account for a few problems - but on the day you had to say Katie Glynn was in fine form, scoring a hat-trick.

Charlotte Harrison also played some good hockey, and it is a credit to Mark Hager, their Australian coach, and the work the team have put in over the summer - getting a result against the number five ranked international side.

South Africa drew with Australia, another big result today 1-1 - so the semi spots are quite wide open going into the last women's pool matches.

Above: Me outside, there is plenty of police and army soldiers to protect visitors like me.

Above: The Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium in New Delhi. A sign up says it is only the second best hockey stadium in the world! This is crazy, this is the best purpose built stadium only for hockey in the world. No question. With out a doubt. Could do with some roofs on the stands to protect visitors from the sun!   

Above: England after the match against New Zealand, it's no way near finished yet.

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