Thursday, October 14, 2010

England Men Miss Bronze

Is there a bit of a curse on the England men and the Commonwealth Games?

They've only ever won bronze once in 1998 in the first Commonwealth Games hockey tournament, compared to the ladies who've taken a medal from each tournament since the beginning.

Still the men have had two very impressive matches, one against India and now this one with New Zealand.

There was a big crowd as you can see from the pictures.

Again poor Adam Dixon he'll feel terrible for the penalty save, but hopefully this will make them all stronger for 2014 and Glasgow.

 And Australia were on fire as ever, interestingly Chloe predicted an 8-0 win by the guys from downunder the previous night. I'd said surely a single goal victory for India? Well, I'm big enough to admit I'm wrong!

Well that's just about it from Delhi. We have the domestic season in the UK already up and running, and I'm already planning hockey trips for next year! Champions Trophy in the Netherlands and a European Championships in Germany - should be very good!

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