Thursday, October 07, 2010


I feel a little sorry for the Indian women's hockey team, I have now seen two pieces in national newspapers and a feature of the TV all starting with... 'The problem with Indian women's hockey is...'

1. The goalkeeping
2. The defence
3. The attack

Well, hang on that doesn't leave much else to pull apart.

I think lack of marking lead to Australia's first goal, but they recovered and played well in parts. I think being critical of the attack does get somewhere near the problems with the India team.

I would say fitness levels between Indian players compared to some of the top teams in this competition and at the World Cup are very noticeable.

If you look at the top female sides they're players do a lot more running for the ball and pulling the defence out wide.

That said the Indians do have some great penalty corner routines, if this is what Sandeep Somesh can achieve in a couple of months, and yes he had been around the coaching staff for some time, imagine what they'll be like next year.

It was good to see India making use of the aerial a lot, and effectively in cases and what the commentators seem to forget was that India could have drawn or gone on to win, if the forwards had put away a few more chances.

India are certainly an improving side and one to watch.  

It was good to see a few more fans in the stand for the India game as well.

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