Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Looking Hot!

So England win, India lose, and England win!

Rani Rampal is wearing pink trainers just like Luciana Aymar, and Rani showed her class towards the end with her excellent goal.

Above: Me wearing my India hockey shirt from Sandeep Somesh, signed on the back by the whole India women's team out in Argentina - it caused a lot of interest!

India will be at their base cursing the missed opportunities towards the beginning of that game with the Ozzies. I had India down to beat them, but it wasn't to be with a 2-1 victory to Australia.

There was a few more people in for the India game, even if the guys I was chatting to had mixed up the days and thought they'd be seeing India's men! So, they taught me the 'Chaka de India' song and we had a bit of a sing-a-long.

'Chaka de India' is Hindi for 'Go India!' and is from the excellent Bollywood movie about the Indian women's hockey team.

Great goal from Chloe Rogers; get your stick out and low when in the circle and you'll get a touch, top of the net - fab!

Now I understand there is a bit of debate going on in the UK about the music of 'Jerusalem' being played at the start and the England teams non-singing of it.

Well, its stupid - isn't it?

It is not the national anthem of the UK, and the women spend all the rest of the year singing 'God Save the Queen', so let England stick with that.

Also I notice that a lot of the anthems are shortened versions anyway, obviously only the complete song of 'Jerusalem' has been provided - so it goes on and on and on and on and climaxes with a less than impressive ending.

We don't play all 4 verses of 'God Save the Queen' anymore, so why play all of this? (If you must have it at all). 

Above: The top of India Gate viewed from the National Hockey Stadium.
Above: Alan Craddock cut a bit of a lonely figure in the stand, as England supporters moved to the top to get a bit of protection from the burning mid-morning sunshine.
And more volunteers wanted to speak Hindi to the funny foreigner, one volunteer even said: "I'm friendly"- isn't that nice?!

So, a very hot day all round - spent mostly in full sunshine. Phewwwww! Rest day tomorrow.

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