Friday, September 03, 2010

Super Friday

Due to the weather we had 6 games today at the Hockey World Cup in Rosario, Argentina.

Boy, am I knackered.

Today, I had my first article published in Spanish and this set the tongues a wagging in the press rooms! The volunteers couldn't work out how, I, a simple lad from Essex, with very little Spanish could write such an article.

The answer is simples... Somebody else translated it! I am indebted to Gilly, our tour guide for his hard work on producing the translation and for printing it in the 'Hockey Time' magazine that is all over town.

A columnist with an Argentina newspaper apparently wrote an article on me the volunteers in the press room were telling me. He is going to bring me a copy of this, when questioned on the subject, by me, he said "I was a character".

All this and a 1-1 draw for England against Korea, and a Luciana Aymar press conference that was just rammed with TV, radio, and other media.

For many of the volunteers, this is much more than a hockey tournament. It is a chance to mix with people from foreign countries, make new friends and learn new skills for future careers. A number of the team working in the press room are studying journalism and are looking to develop their opportunities either in Argentina or outside.

This is great, and good luck to many of the young team. Oh, and I spoke to Carlos, the coach of the Las Leonas! But more to follow, as they say...

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