Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rain and Scoring First

It rained very heavily today in Rosario, I spent the morning going to buy waterproof clothes and umbrellas.

This caused a lot of mud around the stadium today, below TV trucks at the World Cup on a sunny day!

I am now able to say to people: 'come and stand under my umbrella, 'bella, 'bella, 'ella' according to Candy, an Argentine person here in the press centre!

We also decided that the chant during Argentina's 1-0 win over Korea, (although that was a clear penalty flick on the stroke of half time) is a little bit like 'Vamos, vamos Lady Gaga' roughly translated 'Go, go Lady Gaga'! I think they mean 'Go, go Las Leonas!' The reason being the Spanish for 'Argentina' sounds like Lady Gaga -  'Argen -taga'

Above: Leicester's Hannah MacLeod, got the goal early and it proved to be the thing that separated the teams.

The England match was a nervous affair, apart from the first minute - that was great. China dominated the second half and Beth Storry pulled off some amazing saves, do hunt down the footage on the internet and watch her performance - really excellent.

Remember: 'How do you make Lady Gaga cry?'

Answer: 'Pok-er-face'

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