Monday, September 06, 2010

After the Hockey

Myself and Alan Craddock, Charlotte's Dad, had something of a wine tasting at our guide Gilly's place. Gilly cooked a BBQ and we celebrated England's success. The Blyths came later after the Australia game, the Ozzies won so that was good too.

The funniest thing of the evening was our hosts were talking about different corns and places they had been in South America and brought out some bags of corn.

I now know they were talking about Peru and things thay'd seen there, however I thought this corn was an after dinner snack.

I causally sat there chewing on this rough old bit of corn, thinking not very much of it.

Eventually Gilly told me it was given to the rats and not an after dinner treat!

Above: Gilly at the front right, with Brian Blyth at the front left, and the rest of our happy team of supporters.

Me and Alan will be cheering for the Ozzies to do the Germans on Tuesday night.

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