Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Gaucho Oli does Tango!

Okay, here's a holiday film! I spent the day at a ranch with International Hockey Federation people, including Sally Munday, the Chief Executive of England Hockey, and the President of the Argentina hockey federation.

A beautiful lunch of beef, cooked on an open fire with empanadas, and a fine selection of wines, including some very tasty Malbec red wines from Argentina.

The wine in Argentina is really excellent, I'll be drinking more of it when I get home.

Also there was a display of horse skills, and the chance to ride a horse - just like a Gaucho. However, the horses were a bit frisky.

I'm no Clint Eastwood, despite having the pancho and hat to match!

Then in the evening I found more success on the dance floor at a Tango lesson. It was held at the Casa Del Tango, a lovely restaurant on the river front in Rosario, which has a stage show and lessons in a back room.

They've interviewed me for their Tango TV programme! Think, funny foreigner trys to dance, although I do ballroom dancing in the UK, so it isn't so alien to me.

Credit: Camera work on the horse riding by Judy Blyth.

The film is more 'Paint Your Waggon' than 'Fistful of Dollars' but worth a look... Actually I'm gonna call it 'Fistful of Pesos: An Argentina Cowboy Experience'...

The day before, Gilly our guide took me to his radio station in Rosario, where he presents an afternoon show. I made a very brief appearence on their lunchtime phone, it isn't so different to BBC Essex's Sadie Nine phone-in show!

But they had plenty of callers talking about the Hockey World Cup and the impact it is having on the town.

I was very impressed by the professional setup at LT8 Radio Rosario.

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