Monday, July 19, 2010

Above: 'Roger the dodger', 'dot net', 'Ginger', 'The Rogde' all the nicknames came out! Chloe Rogers with her Champions Trophy bronze medal.

A very special win, and some brilliant attacking hockey from England. Well done to Danny Kerry and the team.

Above: The medals being handed out. There was a very funny bit (IMO) when Luciana Aymar and the Argentina team shook hands with all the other medal winners. It was like Aymar holding court and putting all the other nations in their place!

'Thank you for coming, bad luck' I bet she was saying to the other players.

Above: Something a bit special - the England women's hockey team and coaching staff, following the presentation to HRH The Countess of Wessex. Highfields, Nottingham July 2010.

Above: Former England and GB, and Leicester player, Jennie Bimson, a lovely lady. Bimmo has been commentating on the TV feed, what's that Jenny some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over. Well, it is now!

Now I saw Jane Sixsmith talking to Chris Mayer, Leicester coach in the food cafe area - and I asked Jane this, and she didn't squash the rumour either, but would she be moving to Leicester for the start of the new season?

Jane Sixsmith said: "Yeah, exclusive news!"

Seriously, when Jane's name was read out by Howard on the PA the crowd gave her the biggest clap of the medal presentations - just showing how well loved and respect she is within the hockey family.

Above: Me and Naomi Van As, one of my new favourite players! At the end of the tournament I had to go to the Adidas stand to pick up some pictures of players for a Field Hockey Forum person, and Naomi was there.

Well, she recognised me as the guy who had been hassling her for interviews in English all week, so I took the opportunity to get a catalogue signed by her.

Oli: Would you mind signing this 'to Oliver' please.
Naomi: Sure, no problem
(Writes 'to Oliver' and signs the picture of herself)
Naomi: How do you say 'thanks' in English?
Oli: Er... Like that?
Naomi: No, like in a pub?
Oli: Oh, like 'cheers'?
Naomi: Yes, that's it (Puts on posh English accent) - 'Cheers guv'na'.

Very funny, and very good of her.

Above: Jules and Georgie by the Champions Trophy.

Above: Me and the Champions Trophy, it was very heavy and I struggled to lift it. So quite how the Countess of Wessex and Luciana Aymar managed it, I don't know.

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