Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Above: One of the two big screens shows one of my videos, it is the 'Passion. Speed. Respect.' Compilation. Great, never thought seeing your work up on a giant screen could be so exciting!!!!

Above: Kate Walsh tells me it was Helen Richardson, who spotted that foot and wanted the video referral.

Above: In the Media Centre at the Champions Trophy and one of the volunteers is trying to set a new land world record for most plastic cups in a confined space! And he didn't drop them!!!

Above: Finally got to speak to sister, Chloe Rogers for a bit today - it is now day four! And we had our photo snapped.

Above: And me with the folks, Barry and Liz. Hang on, who's that in the background! Hockey events are always times for the family, and the Champions Trophy is no different.

Many people turned up with young children and had fun on the games in the Hockey Village, even though it was raining.

I find it lovely to be walking about the site and end up chatting to so many different people from all walks of life, all part of the hockey family.

Saturday is almost sold out! Now that is interesting... Very interesting, as a wise old BBC commentator used to say.

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