Saturday, July 10, 2010

Above: Naomi Van As (Left) with Georgie. Naomi is very tall and lovely, the challenge is for me to get a picture with her on Sunday!

Above: Georgie, Luciana Aymar and me

Ah, one of my favourite hockey players, Luicana Aymar after the press conference. I made her chuckle with a few odd questions at the end, like is the Las Leonas defeat to England much like Maradona and Argentina's exit from the football World Cup? "No", Amyar said "because they're still in the hockey tournament!"

The Champions Trophy has been really great so far, meeting up with loads of old friends in the hockey family. And an England win to celebrate.

I'm on record as having predicted a draw in the bar on Friday night probably 2-2, but a win, well even I didn't think that would happen.

A great credit to Danny Kerry, England's coach and his team.

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