Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Crowd and the First Day

Amazing opening day, people everywhere and it wasn't even a sell out! As always Las Leonas main star was Luciana Aymar...

Luciana is known as 'Lucha', also there was another banner (below) that was signed by her friends and family...

And I caught a brief sighting of the player before the start of Argentina v South Africa, as you can see in the short film.

The crowd were amazing, so colourful and loud! One thing I liked, but I'm not sure how the players reacted to this, was something that happened on penalty corners.

At the end with a wire mesh to protect people, young supporters would all rush to be behind the goal and take pictures with cameras. Some had flashes, it was quite a surprising thing to watch.

But remember the Las Leonas are a massive inspiration to young school girls in Argentina.

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